Sneaky Typography Errors to Avoid on your website


Typography errors mustn’t be overlooked in today’s fast-moving world where website designs are so important. It has become essential for businesses to take care of the way they present themselves online because this is a branding tool for them. When it comes to improving your website’s user experience through typography, it also becomes vital to ensure there are no typography errors, to begin with.

How often have you seen a web page with a poorly designed typographic? If you are designing a website or blog post, you should always check for these errors before publishing. You don’t want to fall into the trap of using poor typography because it makes your site look untrustworthy. Even though it’s tempting to skip over fixing all those mistakes, they can harm your brand. In this article, we’ll share some sneaky typography errors to watch out for.

Let’s have a look at the typography Errors to Avoid on your website:-

Unnecessary Typeface Stretching

Unnecessary typeface stretching is a common mistake that can be made when designing fonts. This error occurs when a designer tries to make the font look larger or more spacious by stretching the letterforms beyond their natural width or height. This can cause problems with legibility and readability, as well as inconsistencies in the typography throughout your design.

If you’re not sure whether or not your typeface has been stretched, you can use a tool like Google Fonts to test it. Simply enter your chosen font into the search bar and click on “Show results as” to see how it looks at different widths and heights. If you notice any significant changes in how it looks, then you may have been guilty of unnecessary typeface stretching!

Overlooking measure

Typography is the type of font, size, color, and style used in a document or web page. It can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of a website.

If you’re not careful with your typography, it can lead to mistakes such as:

  • Poor readability
  • Unprofessional appearance
  • Confusion about which element on the page is responsible for which task

To avoid these problems, make sure to use only the right typeface for the right task, choose a font that’s legible at any size, and make sure all text is set in the same style.

Inadequate tracking

Inadequate tracking can lead to mistakes in the typography of the website because it is difficult to know what changes have been made to the text and how they have affected the layout. If you are not tracking changes, you will not be able to make informed decisions about how to fix problems with the typography. This could result in the incorrect or unreadable text on your website.

It is important to use a system that tracks both the position and size of each element on the page so that you can correct any errors as they occur. This will help to ensure that your website looks consistent and professional from top to bottom. To improve your typography, you need to track changes so that you can fix any issues that arise.

Bad contrasting

Bad contrasting can create mistakes in the typography of the website by making it difficult for readers to understand the content. This can be done by using too many different typefaces or fonts, or by using typefaces that are not easy to read. It can lead to mistakes by causing confusion among page elements. For example, if there are two headings with different font sizes, readers may not be able to tell which one is the main heading and which one is a subheading.

To avoid these types of mistakes, it is important to use a consistent style throughout your website and make sure all page elements are designed in a way that is easy to read.

Font combinations

Font combinations can create mistakes in the typography of a website if not planned correctly. This is because font combinations can lead to conflicts between fonts, which can result in text that is difficult to read or looks sloppy. To avoid this problem, it is important to choose fonts that are well-matched for each other and the overall design of the website.

You should also make sure that all text elements are placed within the correct boundaries so that they do not overlap or conflict with other elements on the page.

When choosing the correct font combinations, it is important to keep in mind the following:-

  • The font size & weight
  • The typeface family
  • The text alignment & color
  • The background color of the text area or element

Too much positive tracking

Tracking refers to the space between characters across an entire word or a phrase. The greater the spacing, the more the characters will be spaced apart. Tracking should be used only if necessary. Adding too much tracking makes the text hard to read.

In general, terms, leaving tracking at the default value will give the best legibility for fonts. If you’re using them for headlines or display faces, it’s not uncommon for the tracking to be reduced to a value of up to -20 to make it seem heavier and more like a header than it would be without any change to the tracking.

Insufficient leading

Leading is the distance between lines of text in a document. It is measured in points and affects the spacing between words. Incorrect leading can create mistakes in the typography of your website because it can affect the spacing between words. If your leading is too tight, it will cause letters to be close together, which can lead to awkward sentences and difficult reading.

On the other hand, if your leading is too loose, words will be spaced too far apart, which can make your content look sloppy and unprofessional. To avoid making typographical mistakes, it is important to use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the correct leading for your website. Then, you can adjust the leading accordingly using either typefaces or text editors.


Typography errors can be easily overlooked. However, they are a major problem that will affect your website’s overall user experience. This is why it is important to take the time to check for typographical errors on your website and make sure that you are using fonts correctly. In this article, we have stated some common typography errors that you should avoid to make sure your website is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

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